Te Aro Turuki


It is critical that places where mokopuna are held in detention are monitored to ensure they provide the highest possible standard of services. We are recognised as a National Preventative Mechanism (NPM) under the Optional Protocol on the Convention against Torture (OPCAT). This means we can access and monitor places where mokopuna are held in detention across Aotearoa.

When our monitoring teams visit places of detention we speak to mokopuna and staff about what it is like in these facilities. Based on what we hear and see we then write reports about our findings and we can highlight any concerns we have. This means we can identify or prevent torture or ill-treatment.


Mana Mokopuna framework

The Mana Mokopuna framework is our approach to monitoring places of detention. It focuses on how places of detention impact on mokopuna, and whether inequalities for mokopuna Māori are continuously improving. The Mana Mokopuna approach monitors whether mokopuna Māori are supported to connect with their whakapapa.

Me aro turuki

Where we monitor

We monitor places that the Government uses to detain mokopuna to ensure they are treated with dignity and respect. These places include care and protection residences, youth justice facilities, remand homes, and Mother and Baby Units in prisons.

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How monitoring works

Mana Mokopuna - Children and Young People's Commission has a team of inspectors who regularly visit places of detention.