10 November 2023  Submissions

Submission on the Emergency Management Bill

Mana Mokopuna recommended an explicit effort to consider the best interests of mokopuna, including their perspectives, when designing an effective emergency response system. We noted that this could be achieved by embedding a children’s rights impact assessment as a requirement within Aotearoa New Zealand’s emergency management legislation and policy framework.

To uphold the rights of mokopuna, and ensure their interests, well-being and participation are considered as an integral part of emergency management, we made the following recommendations:

  • The Bill is amended (eg clauses 62 and 76) to specify children and young people as an important cohort to notify and consult, so they can be proactively engaged in national/ regional emergency management planning
  • That the Select Committee instruct officials to undertake a child rights impact assessment (CRIA) before the completion of this legislation, and future legislation
  • That a CRIA is undertaken prior to drafting related policies, given the nature and severe effects of natural disasters and other emergencies on the wellbeing of mokopuna
  • That Te Tiriti provisions of clause 4 be strengthened to stipulate the number of mana whenua on committees, and the ways that Māori take a central role in leadership of emergency management.