How we work


We use several methods to engage with mokopuna, whānau and staff to hear about their experiences. We also want to understand the group dynamics at the facility.

Our analysis


We spend time in facilities seeing how mokopuna and staff interact and what their daily routines are.

Joining in

We join in activities and mealtimes to experience what access mokopuna have to good food and meaningful activities

Informal Conversations

We have informal chats with mokopuna and staff who tell us about their thoughts and experiences


We conduct formal interviews with mokopuna and staff who are happy to speak with us confidentially


We analyse information we have gathered by coding it according to each of the OPCAT domains. We identify themes within each domain in relation to the treatment and conditions experienced by mokopuna. We then identify any treatment or conditions that constitute ill- treatment as well as any areas where preventions could be strengthened.

Finally, we review the recommendations made in the previous OPCAT report and formulate new recommendations based on our findings in relation to current treatment and conditions.

Our findings

Findings are categorised under each of the seven OPCAT domains. Some findings relate to two or more domains – for the purposes of reporting, they are placed in the most significant domain.