21 March 2024  Reports

Ki te kore te kaikiri ki roto o Aotearoa, kātahi te wāhi pai rawa atu

"Without racism Aotearoa would be better": Mokopuna share their experiences of racism and solutions to end it

We heard from mokopuna that racism is preventing them from living their best lives. The findings in this report are not new – and it is time to listen to mokopuna and take action. We invite you to read this report and take on board what mokopuna have shared.

Racism is a sensitive subject and it is difficult, especially for those who have experienced it, to think, talk or read about it. This report shares the experiences of mokopuna, which can be sad and hard to hear. If you are feeling distressed, please head to our Help and Advice page here to get in touch with an organisation that can help.

The report covers five key themes, drawn from our engagements with mokopuna:

1) We experience racism in lots of different ways

2) Racism is everywhere

3) Connection to my culture helps me feel that I belong

4) Mokopuna have aspirations for an Aotearoa that is free from racism

5) We have lots of solutions to end racism, but action is essential.

Although mokopuna shared that their most common experiences of racism occur in school and education settings. They also emphasised that education-focused solutions are an instrumental part of ending racism in Aotearoa. It is important for those who work in the education sector to take on these practical, actionable ideas to help end racism in schools. For more advice from the Human Rights Commission, please refer here: Social Cohesion for Schools (tikatangata.org.nz)

This report shares these insights as a light to drive out the darkness of racism as informed by and for the mokopuna of Aotearoa New Zealand. Based on what we have heard from them, Mana Mokopuna calls for action to end racism in Aotearoa New Zealand, and advocates for a rights-based approach to ending racism. We urge the government, decision-makers, school leadership and those with influence in the lives of mokopuna to listen to them and play their part to end racism.

Mana Mokopuna is grateful to the mokopuna who participated in our engagements from September 2022 until June 2023, for their time, wisdom and insights, as well as the community connectors and partners who went above and beyond to support us to deliver this report. Ngā mihi nui ki a koutou, thank you to everyone who was involved.