Mana Mokopuna approach to monitoring

Mana Mokopuna is a principled Māori approach to monitoring both the Oranga Tamariki system and the places we inspect under the Crimes of Torture Act (1989). It has shaped our monitoring approach since 2018.

Te Mana Mokopuna

What is Mana Mokopuna in the context of monitoring?

We visit places where mokopuna are detained to ensure they are being treated with dignity and respect. We do this under the Crimes of Torture Act (1989). Under that law, the Office is a National Preventative Mechanism. That means we examine the conditions and treatment of mokopuna, identify and improvements or problems that must be addressed, and make recommendations to strengthen protections, improve treatment and conditions, and prevent ill treatment.

Mana Mokopuna is the mokopuna and whānau centred framework we developed to inspect places of detention. Once introduced it represented a shift from the previous focus on organisational performance in favour of one that looked at the impact on mokopuna, specifically whether inequalities and outcomes had improved and are continuously improving for them.

The Mana Mokopuna approach is based on an explicit expectation that those working with mokopuna Māori in the care and protection, youth justice and mental health systems, will enable and support positive connections with their whakapapa.

The equivalent experiences are also expected for non-Māori children, in relation to their genealogy and cultural identity, in the context of their immediate and wider family.

Ka pēhea te aro turuki ki ngā wāhi tautāwhi?

How do we monitor places of detention?

Based on guidelines for National Preventative Mechanisms by the United Nations, we assess the treatment of children and young people in detention under seven areas (domains):


Te ara mā ngā mokopuna Māori

Our approach for mokopuna Māori

For mokopuna Māori, being supported to have a positive connection to identity is critical to wellbeing. We assess how facility staff respond, to meet the needs of Māori, throughout our assessment of all domains. Our seventh domain focuses specifically on how secure environments are improving outcomes for mokopuna Māori. To do this we assess four sub domains: Vision and goals for mokopuna Māori, Building cultural capability, Values upholding Māori culture and Partnerships with Māori.