5 December 2017  Reports

Child and youth voices on bullying in Aotearoa

Bullying in schools is experienced by a large proportion of children in New Zealand - it is greater than almost all other OECD countries.

The perspectives of children and young people range from: strong ideas on how to change culture and combat bullying; to hopeless feelings that it is inevitable. They also have varying perspectives on the causes and impacts of bullying. Some children and young people are empathetic towards those who bully, knowing they have difficult lives. Many want greater support for victims, to help them, and for everyone to play a role to stop the bullying.

The report shares expressions by children and young people on bullying. Please note that perspectives are uncensored and some could be considered as harmful perceptions of bullying that may unduly, and negatively, influence children and young people. Remember these are simply the voices of some individuals.

The Children’s Commissioner seeks the voices of children and young people through Mai World:Child and Youth Voices. "Mai World" takes a child-centred approach to hearing children and young people in order to understand their world.