14 March 2018  Reports

Education matters to me: Progress and achievement

Children and young people had a broad and holistic view of achievement in their own lives.

Children and young people said they want to make their family proud. Relationships are a key motivator for them, to attend school and keep trying to improve. They want their teachers to know their goals, and to help them amplify their unique strengths. They talked about the impact of their physical space on their ability to learn, and the importance of relationships, especially when bullying happens.

“Achievement is a difficult term for me because I feel like we are expected to achieve a lot. For me it is about finding happiness and having a sense that I have done something useful today.” (Secondary school student, Samoan)

“To finish school, to get an education and qualify for a job in the future. To raise my children better than I was raised. Have no violence around my
children. To raise my kids in an environment that is healthy for them and keep my children in my care” (Student in teen parent unit)

“Create other courses that can lead to apprenticeships.” (Secondary school student, NZ European)

“The [bathrooms] are actually revolting but it's cause lots of the students vandalise them so I would want new bathrooms and consequences if u muck them up” (Intermediate school student, NZ European)

“That teachers notice every one and that they notice the good kids rather than always focusing on the bad behaved ones” (Primary school student, NZ European)