28 May 2021  Corporate Documents

Children's Commissioner's Priorities and Our Strategic Framework

At the Office of the Children's Commissioner, our goal is for all mokopuna to live their best lives.

That means every child, regardless of their background, grows up in a family or whānau that has what they need to thrive. It also means mokopuna have a say about what really matters for them and that their rights are honoured by those in power.

The Office of the Children’s Commissioner advocates for system change so Aotearoa works better for our mokopuna in every way. We are committed to honouring and embedding Te Tiriti o Waitangi in all our work and have three key roles under the law: Advocating for the rights, interests and wellbeing of New Zealanders aged under 18; monitoring places where they can be detained or cared for; and ensuring their voices and views are heard and acted on.

For 2021 to 2024 we have three new strategic priorities and are developing programmes of work to sit under each of them:

Eliminating racism in the public sector

Mokopuna tell us how racism affects them. We will amplify their voices and views, and challenge the public sector to identify and tackle racism as it affects them. As part of this we will advocate for more by Māori, for Māori approaches.

Prioritising children's views

When we talk with mokopuna, their dream for the future is clear. They want fulfilling relationships with friends and whānau, time with those they love, and real solutions to inequality, climate change and racism. Their insights are valuable. Our goal is to build the capability of the public sector to listen to, and act on their views. When mokopuna share their voices it’s our job to listen and act.

Advocating for improved mental wellbeing

Mokopuna often say mental wellbeing is important for a good life. They want themselves and their whānau to be healthy, and to have access to help when they need it. We want to see their wellbeing prioritised, and structural changes that remove the barriers, and make the most of opportunities, to improve their mental wellbeing.

Our priorities sit within Te Rautaki | Our Strategic Framework for 2021 – 2024, which you can find below.